It takes an outside look from someone who really knows their shit to get you to step back and see the bigger picture. There is always a bigger picture no matter what the endeavor is. In the business world, who doesn’t want their business to grow, thrive, and most importantly survive? Who better to not take this endeavor with you than someone that has the exact skills and real knowledge to get the job done. Changes or different directions that need to take place are easily directed to business owners by inexperienced outsiders. I’m sure you’ve experienced the family member or employee who says you need to advertise here or there. A loved one who says you need to use their son-in-law to build you a website that will make you money. That’s not what it takes. It takes someone who has distinct knowledge that over circums the average person, someone who has been in positions just like you. Someone who has built and sold numerous profitable businesses. Most importantly someone who has succeeded and now makes it their number one priority to ensure you take the right steps to prosperity.

If you research why most businesses struggle or fail you will find things like, under-capitalization, cash flow issues and accounting. All of these issues can be wrapped up into three words: Lack of Knowledge. The biggest asset most business owners have is a large understanding of their product or service. This carries their business to survive but not thrive. Knowledge of what it takes to run and compete in small business is a wider concept. A concept full of even the tiniest things that most business owners have not even thought of. Even when you think you know, you probably really don’t know. If you never venture outside of your box, thats exactly what you know…your box. Most business owners don’t have the time to venture. Do you really know your market in this constant changing economy? Do you know if the sales pitch you’re using is the best? Do you know if the way you are doing things is the best way to do it? Do you know if your price is right? Are your tactics data driven? I have been in your place. When you’re in it and are moving fast and forward its tough to see the wrongs, the easy improvements, and most of all the bigger picture.

In some instances the problem is sales. Sales goals are not being met or staying consistent. People are quick to jump to more sales would fix things. More importantly than just sales increasing is making sure the right things are in place and actually happening for those sales to increase. Marketing teams drive companies into one fix all in making business owners believe that effective marketing will make their business succeed. In most cases marketing in this matter will just make a bad business go under quicker. Sales is a huge part, but the most important parts are actually mastering your business and customer service. These key points sound easy, but if you don’t have someone that can push you to try tactics you’ve never done before you cannot acquire things you’ve never had before. You must master these skills. You must drive your business or you will be stagnate or out of business.

If you are interested in taking your business to the next level contact me and lets see if its a good fit. Usually my consulting fees are in the $5,000+ range but hey I do entertain partnership offers.


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